Hack. Build. Create.

The fight

“Oh!”. This is new, this looks interesting, this will be challenging, this feels frightening.

Suddenly fear sets in, paralysing your newfound curiosity, flooding your mind with all sorts of both rational and irrational arguments. Can you do this? Should you? Is it even possible? An opportunity just turned a comfortable valley of an equilibrium upside down and placed you at the tip of an unstable one. From this vantage point, you now have a choice: either you let your future self stand in between, or you move an inch past. You now have a chance: stand back, or step forward.

You let go, embracing fear as it embraces you in return, passing through like a friendly ghost moments before it vanishes. Only you remain, and the path is now clear, a soothing void into which pours some newfound energy. Yet the harder you try, the more it resists, becoming increasingly elusive to you. So you push...

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